Who We Are

We are…a group of ladies in need of Christ, seeking to help & encourage other ladies who need Christ, too!


A Bit of History: The WFBC was formed in 1950 as the Conservative Baptist Association of Wisconsin and became the Wisconsin Fellowship of Baptist Churches in 1969.  Although various areas of the state originally held one-day ladies’ rallies, the State Women’s Fellowship for the purpose of annual spring retreats was not organized until 1956.  The first WFBC Ladies’ Retreat was held in the following spring of 1957.


The WFBC Ladies’ Retreat Purpose is to provide the ladies of our state (& neighboring states, too!) with a special time for:

          ▪         Scriptural Instruction

          ▪         Spiritual Refreshment & Revitalization

          ▪         Sweet Christian Fellowship

More information about the WFBC is available at the  Wisconsin Fellowship of Baptist Churches Website