2018 Session/Workshop Recordings

Just a note for anyone who wants to listen to these: A “sign in to Dropbox” popup will appear when you click your first one. ON THAT POPUP there’s a link at the bottom that says “No thanks, continue without signing in.” Clicking that link will give you access to the file. You should only have to click it once and the rest of the links should take you directly to the recordings. Happy listening!

Faith Taylor: General Session 1

Faith Taylor: General Session 2

Faith Taylor: General Session 3

Sue Nicewander: When Life Gets Hard

Lori Ring: Pass with Care

Diane Westphall: Route 66

Christina Miller: Embracing Families with Special Needs Children in the Church

Carole Vawter: Am I a Backseat Driver?

Rochelle Skinner: Out of Gas