Retreat Recordings

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2019 Retreat Recordings

General Session 1: Debi Pryde

General Session 2: Debi Pryde

General Session 3: Debi Pryde

“Bless Your Heart” – Taming the Tongue – Angela Morris

“Bless This Mess” – Advice for the Harried Homemaker – Carole Vawter

“Make Me a Blessing” – Hearing the Heart of Crisis Pregnancy Centers in WI – Julaine Appling + Center Directors

“Abiding in His Blessing” – Devotions & Quiet Time – Julie Landowski

“Where is the Blessing in This?” – Finding Healing from a Traumatic Past – Layna Steuerwald

“Little Blessings, BIG Responsibility” – Raising Godly Children – Maya Anderson

“You’re Such a Blessing” – Mentoring Christian Women – Pat Habegger

Previous Retreat Recordings: