WFBC Ladies’ Retreat Speakers

Hosted at Green Lake Conference Center

Group Session Speaker

Claudia Barba is familiar with the demands and joys of the Christian life. Having grown up as a pastor’s daughter, she serves the Lord as the wife of Dave Barba, who has been a pastor, church planter, and itinerant evangelist. They travel together helping new and struggling churches through a ministry they call Press On! Ministries. Claudia is the author of five Bible study books for women and The Monday Morning Club, a book of encouragement for women in ministry. The Barbas have three grown children and seven perfect grandchildren.

Contact info: [email protected]

Workshop Speakers

Judy Lingle

Judy Lingle and her husband attend Calvary Baptist in Watertown where they have lived for the past 45+ years. The Lingles have three married sons and five adorable grands. Judy has enjoyed doing crafts for a long time and looks forward to working on the river stone trivet with everyone at the WFBC Ladies’ Retreat.

Andrea Anderson

Andrea Anderson and her husband Tom have three children, eight grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Andrea loves the Lord and serves Him by serving His people. Whether it’s working as a nurse, caring for her grandchildren, taking a meal to someone in need, teaching Sunday School, or feeding a camp full of families, Andrea finds joy in serving the Lord. The Andersons frequently open their home in Oconomowoc to serve missionaries and others in need of a place to stay.

Diane Hecker

Dian Hecker was raised on a farm with two siblings by Christian parents. She trusted Christ as her Savior when she was four and a half years old. In 1989, after graduating with a degree in elementary education from Northland Baptist Bible College, Diane taught first grade for eight years in three different Christian schools. She met and married Doug Doolittle in 1997.

Doug’s first battle with metastasized melanoma began on November 13, 2001. After five years and five months and several major surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy, Doug went home to the Savior he knew and loved on January 26, 2007. Diane went from a stay-at-home mom and caring for her husband to a single, working mom. She raised three young children alone, by God’s grace, for thirteen years.

God used a mutual pastor/friend to introduce her to Bob Hecker, a widower and a Wisconsin dairy farmer. They first talked on the phone February 29, 2020 and were married exactly six months later. When Diane Hecker became a wife she also became an instant stepmom to twelve children, a grandmother to five grandchildren (and two more now on the way!) and a mother-in-law to two ladies. Diane now lives on a dairy farm, her dream home, with her husband Bob and six children.

Ruth Shore

Ruth Shore is a wife and mother of four daughters. Ruth was raised in a Christian home and accepted the Lord as her Savior when she was five. At the age of twelve, while a camper at Camp Chetek, she dedicated her life to the Lord to serve in whatever way He wanted. She is a member of Holmen Baptist Church, where she serves in the music ministry, decorating and event planning. Ruth is a full-time volunteer teacher at her daughters’ Christian school, where she decorates bulletin boards, guides girls as they work on sewing projects, teaches elementary music, and directs the tone chime choir and ladies small ensemble. Ruth loves to stay busy doing just about any kind of craft (sewing, crochet & knitting, jewelry making, painting, etc.).

Carole Vawter

Born in Casper, Wyoming, Carole Vawter was blessed to have heard and believed the Gospel in her early childhood. Through the years, her pastors faithfully taught the Scriptures, godly women mentored her, and her parents encouraged her to give her life completely to serve the Lord. It was her desire to be a pastor’s wife!

God gave Carole the desire of her heart when he brought Wayne Vawter into her life when she was still in high school. Wayne was studying to become a pastor, and through the years of their dating, they knew that God was leading them to serve him as a couple. Following their wedding in 1972, the Vawters served in pastoral ministry in Minnesota, Illinois and Wisconsin. Carole happily used her ability as a musician, secretary, teacher and hostess to support her husband’s pastoral ministry. She taught private piano lessons for many years as well as served as an instructor at Maranatha Baptist University for 11

For the last 20 years of their ministry, Pastor Vawter served as Mission Director for the Wisconsin Fellowship of Baptist Churches and Carole “rode shotgun” around the state as he preached and encouraged fellowship among the churches. Following his retirement, the Vawters agreed to work part time in their home church in Watertown, supporting the maintenance and office managers. The Vawters have been blessed with 5 married children and 12 grandchildren (ages 4 to 23). They are grateful to the Lord for his faithfulness and mercy to all generations!

Carole’s Friend

It is with great joy that I introduce my friend to you! I will call her Ellen, though that is not her real name.

Ellen came into my life about 10 years ago. It wasn’t long before I saw that she suffered greatly from PTSD as a result of horrific assaults throughout her childhood. Sexual assaults, neglect and abandonment were almost daily occurrences from earliest memory. Now, 35 years later, daily triggers like cologne, loud noises, sirens, and strangers result in flashbacks where Ellen re-experiences the sensations of specific incidents. Over and over again.

Ellen accepted Christ as a teenager, graduated from Bible college, and has been a teacher for many years. She diligently seeks the Lord and faithfully serves others even though the flashbacks make every life challenge much more complicated and frightening.

Ellen will share her story with the goal of giving all glory to God for rescuing her, saving her, and sustaining her! She will share Biblical truths that will help her audience walk through their own traumas with the grace of God.

Debra Tapp

Debra Tapp is a pastor’s wife with a degree in piano performance from Bob Jones University. She has been playing tone chimes ever since she was first introduced to them over 30 years ago!

Jodi Herbert

Jodi Herbert is a professor of mathematics and mathematics education at Maranatha Baptist University. She grew up in a Christian home and after attending Bible college took a position on faculty at Pillsbury Baptist Bible College. After leaving Pillsbury, she attended Kansas State University as a graduate student in mathematics. After completing her graduate work there, she accepted the position she now holds at Maranatha.

Jodi is also a member of Calvary Baptist Church of Jefferson, WI, where she serves in the music ministry and as the church treasurer. Of course, she also occasionally gets the chance to help in other areas as well. Though most of her family is scattered across the Midwest, Jodi is grateful for the opportunities God has given her to serve Him in southeast Wisconsin.

Scarlette Steuerwald

Scarlette Steuerwald was born to a young farming family in central Wisconsin. At the age of 8 her father, Duane Ott, was brought to Christ while listening to Christian radio in the barn. A short time later, the family found a Bible-preaching church and Scarlette came to an understanding of God’s wonderful plan of Salvation. Even as a child, she remembers the joy of listening and studying God’s Word. By the time she was 10 years old, her family left the farm, and her parents began to prepare for a lifetime of missionary service.

After Bible college, Scarlette married her college sweetheart, John Steuerwald. They have spent over three decades serving in two Christian school ministries in southern Wisconsin. John and Scarlette have six children and three little grandsons. Besides preparing and writing Bible studies, Scarlette enjoys cooking, gardening, morning walks, and time with family at their cabin.

For about 25 years Scarlette has taught ladies’ Bible studies in her home. In 2009, she began developing a chronological, incident by incident, look at the life of Christ which took 9 ½ years to complete! It is from this study the website Ladies Studying Jesus was made available to all ladies free of charge. Scarlette has also enjoyed the opportunities to teach at ladies’ retreats, Bible conferences, and luncheons. It is at these events she seeks to encourage and equip women to study Jesus more deeply.

Tammi Howell

Tammi Howell is the pastor’s wife at Grace Baptist Church in Madison, WI, where she and her husband have been for 23 years. Right now, Tammi works as a short order cook as well.

Tammi has been married to her husband, Dean, for 37 years. Together they have 4 sons and 6 grandchildren.

Tammi loves living in her country home in Cottage Grove. She is blessed with a wonderful family and loves serving her God with the husband He has given her. He is a good, good God.

Carol Senn Ruffin

Carol Senn Ruffin is a longtime teacher of Voice, Speech, and Drama at Maranatha Baptist University. Her undergrad schooling was at MBU and she earned an M.F.A. at Bob Jones University. Carol is the Music Director at Fellowship Baptist Church in Watertown, is involved in community musical groups, and is host of a monthly cable TV program entitled “Carol’s Kitchen.” Her hobbies include pressed flower art, cooking, writing stories, and musical composition. She and her husband John enjoy serving the Lord together at their church and wherever else He leads them.