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Workshops are filled on a first-come-first-served basis. Once a workshop is filled to capacity, we will remove it from the registration options. If the workshop you wanted to attend is full, don’t worry; most of our workshops and general sessions are recorded. They will be posted on our website following the retreat.

Prayer: What’s the Big Deal?

What I thought I knew. . .  What my God has taught me. . .  What am I going to do about it?

~ Tammi Howell ~

Don’t Fold the Underwear! Simplify. Edify. Glorify

What’s really important in motherhood. . . and what’s not.

~ Diane Hecker ~

Which Pew is Mine?

Being single can be hard; unfortunately, being single at church can be harder. In this session, we will consider the blessings and challenges of being single, especially as part of the church, and consider ways that the church can care for and benefit from its single members.

~ Dr. Jodi Herbert ~

His Grace is Sufficient: How God Rescued Me from a Traumatic Childhood (part 1)

A testimony of God’s grace. This is the story of how God reached down and rescued me. Not only did I survive, but I have been given an abundant life. His amazing grace changed everything.

~ Carole’s Friend ~

His Grace is Sufficient: Taming the Trauma (part 2)

Although I suffered a traumatic childhood, God has given me some tools to live the life He planned for me. It is my desire to share with you ways to deal with anxiety and fear.  Our core beliefs are shaped by our life experiences, and I will share how to transform some false beliefs with the truth of God’s Word. I will share ways that God helps me as I deal with the flashbacks and triggers that characterize severe PTSD. You really can live a productive life after trauma. There is healing and abundant life, and God desires for all of us to experience it.

~ Carole’s Friend ~

Get Out of Your Christian Bubble

The last words our Lord spoke on earth was to His disciples: Go! He wants each of His disciples to share the gospel with people within her personal sphere of influence. Family. Friends. Neighbors. Co-Workers. But believers often are so isolated from unbelievers that they have few natural opportunities to speak and live the gospel. Carole will share ideas and testimonies of ways we really CAN share the good news with people who will live eternally somewhere.

~ Carole Vawter ~

A Cup of Cold Water. . . or a Hot Dish!

Sometimes the best way to shine a light into a dark world or show love to a hurting heart is through the gift of food and hospitality.  Andrea will share her heart, a few helpful tips, and some favorite tried-and-true recipes that will help you delight in serving Jesus by serving others.

~ Andrea Anderson ~

The Woman at the Well

Broken by rejection, guilt-ridden by sin, defenses up, dissatisfied with life, worn down and giving up—yet actually religious. Sounds like many women—perhaps many found at a ladies’ Bible retreat. Jesus took the time and effort to speak with such a woman over 2000 years ago. His words brought light and hope to her sad world. Come watch her heart move from cold and dark to spreading the light of truth!

~ Scarlette Steuerwald ~

River Rock Trivet

Make a river rock trivet that can be used under a potted plant or under a hot pot or serving dish. The stones will be glued to a felt base with hot glue. Please bring a hot glue gun with you (glue sticks will be provided) or a tube of E6000 industrial strength adhesive.

~ Judy Lingle ~

Cost: $8.00

Jewelry Making

Enjoy a time of creativity and fellowship as you create “one of a kind” jewelry all your own. Choose from several different styles of necklaces, or create your own design. Not a jewelry person? Create a unique beaded key chain. No experience or prior knowledge needed.

~ Ruth Shore ~

Cost: $5.00

Tone Chimes

Love music? Try your hand at making melody in our tone chime workshop! You don’t have to know how to read music to play– just be able to read lyrics. It does help to have a sense of rhythm. Workshop includes instruction and practice with tone chimes, with a performance at a Saturday session.

~ Debra Tapp ~

Ladies’ Choir

Come sing with us!  We will meet for one workshop session to practice a beautiful arrangement; then, we will exalt the Lord in song in one of the general sessions. 

~ Carol Senn Ruffin ~

Each participant may keep the sheet music she purchases ($3).