Welcome to the WFBC Ladies’ Retreat website! Have a look around – enjoy the pictures & recordings – and remember to REGISTER NOW for 2018’s retreat: April 6-7, 2018. And, don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook so you can keep up with all our updates! http://Check out our Facebook Page for updates, discounts, and more!










Personal checks will only be available as a payment method through this Wednesday, March 28. After that, all individual payments must be made via Paypal.

GLCC Lodging for the 2018 Retreat is now full. If you wish to stay overnight in nearby Ripon, WI, check out a list of hotels here.



NEW! More Group Lodging Available

Thanks to some renovations/repairs going on at GLCC, we have opened up some additional group lodgings for churches looking to rent houses. There are 3 new houses available for medium-to-large size groups that want to stay together. Visit the Retreat Location page for more information.

Downloads for 2018 Retreat – Promo Flyer, Promo Sheet, & Registration Worksheet

Promo Flyer is available to print and post wherever you want to advertise for the retreat!

The Promo Sheet/Info Page is a useful page with all the information on pricing and availability for various retreat features.

This year, our registration is 100% online, but we have a Registration Worksheet available to print for those who want to make their choices ahead of time or for to make registering your church group all together easier.

Retreat Audio Now Available!

Hi ladies! We’ve put most of the recordings from the retreat up on the website on the Retreat Recordings page. Go and have a listen to any workshops you may have missed.

Note: Audio from General Sessions 1 & 3 is still being cleaned up – we will put them online as soon as they’re ready!

Craft Store & Heart-to-Heart Totals 2017

Ladies, thank you for your generosity this year!

The heart to heart was $2831.01 and we know there is one other church that will be taking an offering this month and sending it in.
The craft store brought in $2587.50!

Photos from 2016 are up!

The pictures from both days of the 2016 retreat are up on the site. Check them out on the Photos page!

The pictures are also up on our Facebook Page – feel free to tag yourself and anyone else you know to help boost our page!


Thank you all very much for your patience. It was precious to look through photos of you listening intently to workshops and sessions!

THANK YOU for your Generosity!

Ladies! We have just tallied up the total amount you all spent to support the scholarship fund & the heart 2 heart, and BOY, am I excited to share it with you!

Heart 2 Heart offering: $3081.75

Craft Fair totals: $2735.95

Last year, our Heart 2 Heart offering brought in $2384, so this year’s offering was nearly $700 MORE! THANK YOU to all who gave…you are truly a blessing to the pastors of this state & their families. May God richly bless each one of you in the coming year, and we hope to see you again in 2017, on April 7th & 8th!